Dear Mr. Copperfield, I Miss You So Much

“Come one, come all!” the announcer’s voice called
And people crowded up, from young ones to old
Everybody sits in silence, nobody said a word
All eyes were on the stage as the curtains rolled

Out of the dim lights you appeared, I met you at last
I don’t believe in magic, just came to see if I must
You started the show and my heart beats fast
I knew it was love not a mania nor lust

I fell in love in an instant, and it’s as if by some spell
But my heart is no liar; only truth is what it tells
No tricks has ever done, it just so happened that I fell
But this heart you broke to pieces, like a brittle piece of shell

Soon the grand finale came, you were about to disappear
I cried for there’s nothing I can do to keep you near
The box where you entered closed, made me shiver with great fear
For I know you’re no longer there, and you’ll never ever appear

Were you really within my reach or were you just an illusion?
Is there any hocus-pocus to perform to get you back within my vision?
Should I sell my soul to demons in exchange for my ambition?
That one day you’ll be mine for eternity and I’ll never live in desolation

A Note To Jhonel

Reality bites and it bites with great pain
And truth hurts so bad, even leaves a shameful stain
Loving you is like a gun I have to pull to my head
Puncturing my temple, bleed profusely ‘till I’m dead

Heaven is now calling; it is just one breath away
Just a thought I am having, will I meet you there anyway?
How will you recognize my face, would you even know my name?
Or do angels forget being mortal, then everything won’t be the same?

Now I have to get going, and as life run out so fast
Eyes are shutting slowly; I’m feeling free at last
Lying on this tiled floor, I smile for I’m glad I’m going
God knows I am tired, and to die I am willing

A better place that is where I must be going
“Thanks for everything” are the last words I am saying
My soul will be gone but don’t cry for me
All my pains will be lost and I’ll be leaving peacefully

I hope you can make it on the day of my funeral
To pray for my forgiveness and for my peace to be eternal
And this I promise, I’ll be watching you from heaven
Never feel alone, because I’ll still be here when you’re broken

A Tribute to a Short-Term Friendship

So there we were, we stared at each other's faces in silence for what felt like millenniums. Motionless, I stared in your eyes and I guess you were also staring in mine. And even without saying a word, I knew right then and there what you were struggling to say. Perhaps your thoughts were reflected in your eyes that made it obvious as if they were written there. I felt hot in the eyes and without a warning, tears started to fill-in, streamed down my face and they won't come to a halt. "What now?" I said for the millionth time, this time with a fake smile, yet you didn't answered. I thought I saw you cried but you bowed your head and didn't show your face again. I waited. Crying. Frustrated. Hoping. Just a single word is all I was asking, any word would've done. But the answer was clear. Truth hurts. Reality bites. You wanted me to go.

I wanted to beg, but there's no sense at all. Three months, I know, is enough. I learned a lot of things from you and I hope you learned from me as well.

I only hope those
origami's actually work, so that I won't forget about you and you won't forget me too.

I may not be the perfect friend for you, at least I tried to be.

Thanks for making me happy in the last three months. I will never forget you in my life.

I'm going to miss the way I call you, that name a lot of people called you too and made me jealous.

I want you to know that I'm glad you liked my gifts, though I got hurt when you misplaced the first

I'm really sorry I didn't realized you wouldn't like that bicycle sticker, but you still sticked it on your school ID so thanks anyway.

I know I'll always have a good laugh every time I'll remember that foot-rag I washed myself for you.

I'm going to miss calling you on your mobile, that's my favorite part of the last three months.

Thanks for telling me the truth. I mean, you didn't actually told me a thing, at least you made me feel.

Thanks for accepting the
Shemagh I gave you, I want you to wear it sometimes but it's really up to you.

Thanks for listening while I spill my heart out that night. Thanks for understanding the words I said.

Thanks for keeping your mouth shut, it could be worse if you talked and lied.

Maybe it was just my imagination but I felt your hand tried to hold me when I turned away, I'm sorry I didn't looked back.

And Photskie, for the last time, thanks for everything.