So I walked out that door without saying goodbye
Tears falling down my face ‘coz I saw you cry
“Thanks for everything!” was all I managed to say
Run as fast as I could, I wanted to get away

I sat on the sidewalk and I asked myself why
I did everything for you, or at the very least I tried
But maybe, just maybe, there are reasons really
That in spite of the sweet things you can never like me

My hair never looks as lovely as your girlfriend’s do
My smile is not perfect, and my words aren’t always true
My heart always seem to find a way to be miserably broken
My body’s not in shape, and I’m far too outspoken

My eyes are awkwardly uneven, my shoes are never clean
Someone told me I wasn’t good enough, now I fear I know what he means
I was always confident but it’s hard to be when you’re low
No one’s ever gonna love me, this one I’m sure I know

I get myself in troubles, and I always fight a lot
I got a tattoo for free, look what a mess I’ve got
I drink ‘till I’m wasted, you even had to carry me home once
People call me a poser especially when they know that I dance

I may not have the Pantene hair; I may not afford to buy clothes at Mango
I do have piercings around my face and cut my wrists and say I’m emo
My sneakers may be a pair of filthy fake Converse
I’m the only one who’s gonna love you even if the world spins in reverse

99 Forevers

One guy and a promise of a hundred forevers
Three months of keeping this emotion in silence
Sudden heart break, depressions, cold shoulders like we’re strangers
A matter of a moment, I can’t do without his presence

Friendship was offered without a single word spoken
Left me with no choice for it’s the only way we’re better
I accepted this fact with my arms wide open
But deep down my shallow soul I wish to die before November

I tried to forget him but the hell it was crucial
It’s the courageous thing ever to do in my lifetime
But what a surprise, I did it though it’s sentimental
Congratulate me; I was brave and mature for the first time

Now I think I did wrong, I shouldn’t let that happen
99 forevers is what’s left of me to hold on to
I wish I didn’t waste that one round that’s taken
Thoughtlessness causes stupid things a fool like me will do

I’m sorry I tried to forget ‘bout my only happiness
I only tried to be brave; I never thought I was immature
But the more I try to forget, the more it finds it’s way into my consciousness
So I guess it was wrong to pretend I never cared

Can you help me take care of the time that’s left?
Let’s keep the promise with us, let’s celebrate it together
I want these remaining times, these 99 forevers
To be most special from it’s start ‘till it’s over