YKG: The Hostile Horde

Say hello to the most agitating parasites on the planet. A.K.A., my YKG family. The gigantic leeches with humanoid features.

I have no idea of what level of insanity do these people posses to have you placed on a pedestal one moment and you're nothing to them the next. I'm telling you, YKG people is the kind of rabble that's going to give you the royal treatment if they need something from you and will leave you behind when they get what they want. They surely aren't the kind of mob you want to encounter.

But, to tell you the truth, I love these agitating parasites. So much as a matter of fact. I love them though they hurt me so much. Different people with different personalities. But in spite of those differences, everybody got along well with each other anyway. It wasn't hard to cope up with these people. Jaymee is always the "life of the party". She's the loud and out, you won't get bored with her. Frankie, my twin, is also one of those goofy and humorous members, she could do as a happy-go-lucky but this gal is one hell of a sentimental goddess. Rochelle is the prettiest and Del is the most gorgeous, what more can I say? Rochelle is one of the F4 girls. Camille, Kristine and Neriz are the others. Frankie calls Camille "Lil' sis", because Frankie's pseudonym is "Princess" and Camille's is "Prinsesita". Kristine is like a soul-sistah to me. We have lots in common especially with regards to our interests, boys in particular. I remember this particular night in April 2007 when she confessed to liking Rap and Ardee which was the biggest shock of my life. Rap and Ardee are my crushes, and I never thought that some other chicks would like them since I thought they are just the so-so guys. Aside from them, there are two other crushes I have. JC was an instant crush. I first saw him at Suave's birthday party and thought he's got a cute voice. I can't get him off my mind since. The other one is Red, Clint's younger brother. He's just undoubtedly handsome but I think we could be more effective with being just friends. And the most promising YKG love interest I had, Del. Nobody knew how madly in love I was with him except Frankie and Rochelle. But up to this moment, I ain't got a chance to talk to him. I wonder if he even knows my name.

The YKG sub-groups, these were the issue makers. Aside from the F4 girls, there was the Adams Family, but I don't know who the members were. Anyways, there also was the Tropy Boys (and Girls), Jerick, Kuya Jerome, Danriel, JC, Villy, Del, Tam and others. And of course, the most controversial and the most influential group, (drum rolls) Putok (that's us!). Frankie, JC, Yza, Jaymee, Darmy, Rein, Villy, Red and me. The Putok of YKG, the love of my life.

It was a great amount they gave me and my twin, Frankie, when they picked us as the official choreographers of the theater. We had lots of fun doing routines and choreographing them. But I never thought they were having problems with our being the choreographers. I always thought they loved how we improvised dance steps. Maybe I was just expecting too much. It turned out, they do not really like the way we do choreography's so our "Magkaugnay" routines were omitted from the Cultural Night program, which of course, hurt me so much. What hurts the most is that they put the dance number to trash without even consulting us, the official choreographers, or at least thought of what we're going to feel about it. They've been so thoughtless enough to run over my feelings and got me badly hurt.

I know I will never forget my YKG memories for the rest of my life. It doesn't really matter how badly hurt they got me feeling. I know I'll cherish those moments when we passed on some funny pictures to each other's mobiles via bluetooth. And the childish games we had which we refer to as "sports fest". And the way the audio ruined the first major play. And me, getting Camille bursting to tears. And the YKG Dance Troupe performance at the concert. And those billiards-slash-movie nights of Tropy. And the vacation we had in Pampanga. And the books Yza, Arie, MC and Frankie shared and talked about with me. And the 15-links of a single SMS. And the many people greeted me on my birthday. And the brownies we always had for for snack. And the over sized sunglasses. And the funny costumes. And the seemingly unending rehearsals. And the exhaustion. And Suave's birthday party. And the letter I gave Rochelle. And the things I wish I did not said. And the sleepless nights. And the hurt feelings. And the love stories. And the comedies and dramas. And the backstage actions. The lights. The sounds. The applause. The cheers. And just being a part of the family.

They might have hurt my feelings but I still want to thank them all.

To my YKG family: Aaron, Ardee, Arie, Brylle, Camille, Carlo, Kuya Ceejay, Clint, Danriel, Darmy, Del, Kuya Don-don, Eisen, Frankie, Grace, Greene, Irene, Direk Jason, Jaymee, JC, Jeff, Jerick, Kuya Jerome, Joan, Joyce, Kristine, Ate Maan, MC, Kuya Mike, Moises, Neriz, Paul, Rap, Ate Rechelle, Red, Rein, Ren, Rochelle, Suave, Tam, Villy, Ate Whilssy and Yza.

I'm gonna miss you guys!

Iwanu Ga Hana

Masaya na 'ko sa sitwasyon namin ngayon. Napakasarap isipin na naging magkakaibigan parin kaming tatlo nila JC, Rein at ako, pagkatapos ng mga nangyari. Alam ko na napaka-laki ng nagawa kong kasalanan sa kanila. At hidi ko maiwasang mahiya dahil kahit gano'n, tinanggap parin nila ako bilang kaibigan.

Alam ko na naging makasarili ako nu'ng ipilit ko ang sarili ko sa isang bagay na alam ko naman na hindi tama at walang patutunguhan. Nasaktan na 'ko, pero ang totoo, balewala lang ang lahat ng sakit na 'yon dahil naisip kong mas mabuti pa'ng ako nalang ang nasaktan kaysa makita ko silang naaapektuhan. Sana naisip ko na noon kung ano ang mararamdaman ni Rein, bago pa ako gumawa ng isang hakbang na sa mga oras na ito ay pinagsisisihan ko na. Sana hindi na ako nagtapat kay JC para wala na akong pagkakamaling dapat kong ituwid, isang malaking katangahan. hindi ako dapat nagpadalos-dalos at nagpadala sa totoong damdamin ko para wala na akong salitang dapat bawiin.

Talagang nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Hindi mo malalaman na nagkamali ka hangga't hindi mo napapansin na unti-unting nawawala na nag mga mahal mo sa'yo. Hindi ka rin matututo hangga't hindi ka nasasaktan. Parang nu'ng tinuturuan ako ni Papa na mag-bisikleta nu'ng bata pa 'ko. Sinabi n'ya na hindi ka matututong mag-maneho ng bisikleta hangga't hindi ka nagagalusan. Gano'n din pala sa totoong buhay. Kailangan mo munang madapa at masugatan para matuto kang bumangon at maging matatag para 'wag kang madapang muli. At sa pagkakataong ito, natutuhan mo na'ng umiwas sa pagkakamali.

Napaka-s'werte ko sa mga kaibigan ko. Kasi kahit na masyadong malaking problema ang dinala ko, binigyan nila ako ng pagkakataong bumawi.Hindi man ako gano'n kas'werte sa pag-ibig, napaka-s'werte ko naman sa kaibigan. Hindi na bale sa akin kung nasasaktan man ako, ang importante ay maprotektahan ko sila. Lalo na ngayon na naisip ko nana minsan, may mga bagay na mas mabuting hindi nalang sabihin para makaiwas sa malaking gulo. Katulad ng totoong nararamdaman, mas mabuting itago nalang sa sarili ko, makita ko lang na masaya yu'ng mga kaibigan ko.