The Last 9 Words; My One Last Question

In my hand rests this black pen
As these silly lines comes out written
Words run back and forth my conciousness
Giving me nausea, I, a Goddess in distress

On the other, a syringe is caged by my grip
I smile at the sight of the shining needle's tip
Giant feet come stomping in my chest
It is Angels versus Demons; the battle of the mightiest

Darkness arises, the victor of the fight
It's burning flames embrace me through the night
"Do it!", someone whisper in my ear
Then I close my eyes, now are rivers of tears

I clenched my teeth for the unbearable pain
The needle passes through my flesh and I go insane
A scream wakes up the shallow soul in my system
Deafening but melodic, it's my funeral's anthem

Immidiately, the poison fluid escapes
It stings in my veins like it's leaving scrapes
My body becomes numb; I can't open my mouth
To cry for help as my life runs out

Suddenly I start to hear your voice
I want to lift up my head but I'm left with no choice

"Welcome to the jungle!" are the words that you say
Then as if in a time machine, I got back to the first day

I see all of the things the two of us went through
We talked about all the things, did not mattered if untrue
I remember how we made a million idioms about the tree
Unaware of the fact that you're going to hurt me

I confessed about my feelings after a very short while
You dumped me like a trash yet I forced to fake a smile
And now I am dying, do you know that you're the reason?
Because there is no other way that from this heartache I can move on

Back here at the present I lie here on the cold floor
I see you move away just to close and lock the door
"Welcome to the jungle!", you say again and you laugh hard
I recognize you're the one who said "Do it!" in the start

So all along you're the one; the reason why I'm dying
How did you know that this existence, to give up I am willing?
Do you remember I asked you this question earlier:
"How is it now that I still love you?", but you didn't give an answer