So, Gano'n Gano'n Nalang 'Yon?

"Pag mahal mo ang isang tao, gusto mo palagi mo s'yang kasama kaysa sa iba."
So, I was never Ralph Jhonel's love. But maybe it doesn't have to mean that he must not like it being with me. But with that statement he told me this afternoon, things became clearer than ever. Maybe not crystal, at least less muddled enough to reflect his true feelings.
He texted me that statement and made me hurt. Not because I know I was never his love -- I always knew that, thank you very much -- but because it made the reason why he never showed himself since January so obvious. It's because I am who he refer to when he say "iba". I was being too ambitious all along thinking that one day, we're going to see each other again and everthing will be okay. I was really acting too pathetic to think that I was special. Now it turned out I am just nobody to him.
It's true what he said, that when you love someone you always want to be with that person. Don't he realize that I want to always be with him? And that is because I love him. I really do. But truth hurts, reality bites. I am not the one he wants to share his time with.