Hello, and Goodbye!

Hello, today I will talk about how fragile things can be. Once broken, will never be the same.

When we have something in our hands, we never appreciate it. We take it for granted. We never missed it because we always thought, there's more to come. We will always get it.

But the truth is, sometimes we'll never realize how important something is until it's gone. Gone with everything that's happened. You might be able to hug your friend today, she might be gone the next day. Without a trace. Because things come without notice, we never did have the chance to prepare ourselves so that we could cherish every moment together. No one will tell you when the special someone's going to die, or leave, or never come back. Why is it that people have to experience it to learn our life's most valuable lesson: appreciation!

The moment when the lesson is learned, we cannot get back to where we were, cannot cherish and experience the same feeling ever again. All we could do is to move on, look forward, and all those moments will remain as memories. We live to regret. Is this true? From regrets only we would be able to apply it to our future lives so that we could cherish any special moments with the special someone. Is this what life's lesson about?

Its so hard to understand what the nature want us to be, what we were made to be. Is the road already chosen or do we have a choice? When we reach a junction, is there a right and wrong turn to take? Nobody knows. Who knows if what you chose today is the right direction? We will never know. But all we can do is to go on with life and do what we can.

I'm here to bid farewell to this blog as it has no other profound meaning to it anymore. It was here to bring joy and laughter and to keep memories of good and bad times. However, sadly, there were more sad moments and silly mistakes rather than anything beautiful. Life was never fair to start with isn't it?

Thank you all for reading. I really have nothing to entertain you or share to you anymore.

Bye Tuesday's Doomsday. I'm moving to a new blog, visit me at http://goasktuesday.blogspot.com

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